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About The Equity Equation

Why "The Equity Equation"

Firstly, I believe equity and equality are vastly misunderstood and often used interchangeably. Pair this with the current view that many people have that equity is an 'unfair advantage' that minority groups have, and I see a major need to spread information about equity. I believe that hard facts and statistics are the best way to provide people with information and spread factual information while quelling misguided beliefs. What are statistics? Math. So was born the name: The Equity Equation. And not to brag but I think it's pretty catchy ;)



I started by signing up for volunteering with OSP's Diversity Awareness program, which finishes off with starting and managing a project to spread and encourage diversity awareness. 

My project is called the Equity Equation and my mission is to provide easy and accessible statistics and stories about equity and why equity makes more sense and is more ‘fair’ in our current world. There are many people out there who believe equality is more just because everyone is given the same thing, but the fact is that not everyone starts at the same baseline, and thus receiving the same resources does not allow you to end up in the same place. I want to compile stories and statistics that show why equity is valid and important.

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If you have any statistics or personal stories about oppression, overcoming oppression, equity versus equality, or factors of perpetuating inequality, please send them to me!